This business masterclass is perfect for those of you who are looking to translate your injectable skill into a real profitable business. Many good injectors are unable to really showcase their talent due to a lack of patients through the door. Whether you’re brand new or recently established within the industry, this course is aimed at all levels to really understand some of the more technical nuances of business.

Increasing competition within the industry is always difficult, especially for new injectors. Here you will learn all the tips and techniques necessary to really make a name for yourself within the industry. This course is aimed at helping those who wish to work part or even full time in a full-fledged business.

Following this course, you will leave with a clear understanding of accounting, VAT, business strategy, marketing and have the mindset of a real entrepreneur, amongst other key skills. These are not competences your typical healthcare worker is taught, giving you a real cutting edge.

Delegates should have some experience of aesthetic medicine prior to attending this course and be ready to really translate their new skills into a profitable and legitimate business.

At Derma Medical, high-quality training is of paramount importance, so small groups and full guidance will be given to make sure you leave our rooms confident and ready to really grow your business.

This course is open to all aesthetic practitioners, clinic managers, and other clinic team members with an interest in the business.

Learning Objectives:

1) Introduction to the business of aesthetic medicine

2) Accounting and taxes
– The fundamentals of accounting
– Owning a company vs being an employee
– HMRC, tax and efficiency strategies
– Navigating the minefield of VAT within medicine

3) Applied business strategy to aesthetic medicine
– Traditional business strategy models
– Learning how to create value and find new opportunity
– How to beat competitors and turn profits

4) Marketing within aesthetic medicine
– Applied marketing theories and models
– Online and other forms marketing: Social media (Facebook, Instagram etc), Google, PR, newspaper, magazines etc
– Legalities and restrictions on marketing (MHRA, ASA)

5) Information systems within aesthetic medicine
– Data protection (GDPR, ISO)
– Deciding on your ideal patient management system
– Legalities within aesthetic medicine data management

6) Being an entrepreneur
– How to write a formal business plan
– Understanding “soft business” factors and human resources (employees, managing a team, contracts)

7) How to practically be a full-time cosmetic practitioner
– Revalidation and appraisals
– Prescribing rules for prescribers and non-prescribers

8) First-hand insight from cosmetic practitioners and CEO’s who run successful clinics

9) Expert opinions on VAT, HMRC and marketing

10) Business masterclass certification and post-course information
– Includes “how to” guides on company formation, important professional contacts (website creation, SEO experts, accounting), and a real practical business plan ready to use to start your very own clinic.

The Complete Guide to Aesthetic Business for Medical Professionals