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Tear Trough & Midface Masterclass

As the primary basis of facial rejuvenation, the midface is a fundamental treatment area to master. Descent from the cheeks and tear troughs leads to subsequent heaviness and advanced ageing effects on the lower face. Many practitioners often treat the cheeks with a needle only and in isolation from the tear trough due to little available hands-on training. This inevitably creates limitations in the ability to deal with variable face shapes and anatomy.

This course is designed to equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively treat the midface to give their patients industry-leading results.

Combination techniques will be taught covering in-depth anatomy and theory followed by plenty of hands-on practical training on live models in a real-life clinic setting.

Students will see and treat the midface area of 6 models as part of the course with a range of different face shapes, complexities, and techniques, combining both needle and cannula.

We have designed the course with a hybrid of techniques to create a midface structural reshaping approach, beyond the midface filling techniques of the past. This improves patient results as well as treatment safety and reduction in vascular complications.

The midface is a gateway area to aging and once treated has a profound effect on supporting the upper face as well as lifting the lower face and midline features. Practitioners able to perform these techniques will further patient attraction and retention in practice by delivering high-impact results with minimal volumes of filler.

Expansion of techniques and skills also maximises your recruit ability in larger clinics that want to be able to offer these highly skilled treatments. Comprehensive demonstrations and in-depth hands-on training by highly experienced practitioners will be provided, with more time allocated to practice than theory.

At Derma Medical, high-quality training is of paramount importance, so small groups and full guidance will be given to make sure you leave our rooms confident and ready to practice freely. Delegates should be comfortable with the basic injection techniques prior to attending this course and be ready to take their clinical skills to the next level.

The Tear Trough & Midface Masterclass is designed for medical professionals who have already completed an advanced course in dermal fillers.

✓ Learn and Master the ART of Midface rejuvenation in various face shapes and complexities.

✓ Maximise your confidence in treating the combined Tear Trough and Midface to take results to the next level with multiple approaches.

✓ Master the use of Cosmetic Cannula in treating certain face shapes.

✓ Make yourself more employable to leading cosmetic clinics: The most prestigious clinics will look to employ practitioners with expert knowledge of all the latest non-surgical treatments.

✓ Plenty of practical experience on live cosmetic models: All our courses include 50% practical work on live models to ensure you are ready to start practising safely and confidently immediately after the training day.

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Tear Trough & Midface Masterclass

Artistic Facial Transformation

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What You Will Learn

1 Day Tear Trough & Midface Masterclass – Learning Objectives:

1) Understanding Facial Ageing

2) Patient assessment and candidate selection

3) Anatomical Principles

4) Bony and Structural Anatomy of the Midface

5) Vascular Anatomy of the Midface

6)Understanding the differences between surgical and non-surgical approaches

7) Device & product choice
– Cannula vs Needle – What You Need to Know
– Understanding Dermal Filler Rheology: – Viscosity – Visco-elasticity – Phase Angle – How to maximise results with the correct Rheology

8) Midface Techniques
– Tear Trough Needle
– Tear Trough Cannula
– Cheek Needle
– Cheek Cannula

9) Demonstration videos

10) Vascular Complication Assessment and Management

11) Hyaluronidase (Hyalase) Protocol

12) Live Midface (Cheek & Tear Trough Demo by Trainer

13) Hands-on Practical Treatments in Clinical Setting Setting (5-6 Models)

14) Midface Masterclass Certification and Course Aftercare

Derma Medical FAQ

Our combined Injectables and dermal fillers training courses are open to the following medical professionals;

Dental Hygienists
Dental Therapists

We run our Tear Trough & Midface Masterclass courses regularly in London.

Our UK-based dermal filler masterclasses are open to registered medical professionals from around the world. we regularly train international delegates.

Before booking your Derma Medical course, it would be worth checking what would be required in your country to practice injectables. Every country will have differing own rules and regulations regarding aesthetic medicine.

Our cosmetic indemnity insurance covers you to inject on the day of your training course. Upon completion of your course, we strongly recommend you take out your own cosmetic indemnity insurance. Our cosmetic training courses are accredited by the UK’s two leading aesthetic insurers, Cosmetic Insure and Hamilton Fraser. You will receive certificates upon graduation allowing you to gain insurance. There are also exclusive discounts available for Derma Medical delegates.

We provide all cosmetic models for our training courses. We have 8-9 live cosmetic models per group on all of our masterclasses to make sure you get lots of hands-on practice on real-life patients.

If you have any friends or family interested in being a cosmetic model for our training days they can get heavily discounted treatments for the purposes of teaching. Please visit our models website for more information and to book any treatments.

Our course booking page shows you up-to-date information on available course dates and you can pay online using a debit or credit card.

If you prefer, you can pay by debit or credit card over the phone by telephoning us on 020 3873 7610. We can also accept bank transfer payments.  Please email us at for more details.