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Complications Management Online Course

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The demand for botulinum toxin and filler treatments has surged by 41% over the past four years, with an estimated 100,000 patients receiving these procedures annually in the UK alone. This flourishing industry now exceeds a value of £2.75 billion.

However, alongside the rise in aesthetic injectable treatments, there has been a corresponding increase in complications and patient complaints. Being equipped with the skills to effectively review patients post-treatment and manage any complications that may arise is crucial. It can make all the difference between fostering a loyal advocate for your brand and facing the consequences of a negative 1-star review.

That’s why it’s essential to consider enrolling in an online complications management course. Our course is completely online and such a course provides invaluable knowledge and techniques for handling post-treatment issues and ensuring patient satisfaction. In today’s competitive landscape, mastering complications management is not just beneficial but essential for any practitioner in the aesthetic industry.

Our tailor-made Aesthetic Complications Management Online Course is crafted to equip both novice and seasoned practitioners with the necessary skills to identify, handle, and prevent aesthetic complications effectively. Employing a systematic approach, the course delves into immediate, early, and late-onset complications, offering essential management protocols for each phase, all guided by the fundamental principle of ensuring patient safety.

Our complications management online course, participants will gain insight into addressing issues such as botulinum toxin asymmetry, brow/eyelid ptosis, filler lumpiness, and vascular occlusion, among other complications. Additionally, attendees will be instructed on utilizing adjunctive techniques including hyalase administration, saline dispersion, nitrate therapy, and needle expression.

By watching this complications management course, you’ll enhance your confidence in addressing patient reviews, enabling you to optimize your clinic operations and focus on core priorities. Moreover, you may explore opportunities to specialize in corrective treatments for patients experiencing complications from previous procedures elsewhere, establishing yourself within a niche market.

Highlights of our Complications Management Online Course

✔ Acquire essential skills in complications management: Discover evidence-based strategies to identify, address, and prevent both common and rare aesthetic complications.

✔ Enhance your ability to handle dissatisfied patients: Equip yourself with practical tools to effectively manage challenging situations within your clinic environment.

✔ Gain insights from real-life cases of toxin and filler complications: Witness firsthand the techniques employed by experienced injectors to navigate various botulinum toxin and dermal filler complications during our course sessions.

Secure your spot today to ensure you’re fully prepared for any complications that may arise in the future.

The course is taught online in on DermaHub. Once purchased, we will send you details on how to access the content.

Why Choose Derma Medical for Your Complications Management Online Course?

1. Learn Advanced Management Techniques

Delve into advanced techniques for addressing and resolving aesthetic complications with our comprehensive curriculum, designed to enhance your expertise in complication management.

2. Leaders in Aesthetic Complication Management

As leaders in aesthetic complication management, we bring unparalleled expertise to our courses, providing practitioners with insights and strategies that set industry standards in complication resolution.

3. Proven Track Record of Success

Benefit from our proven track record of success, with numerous practitioners trained and equipped with advanced skills and knowledge in managing aesthetic complications effectively.

4. Flexible Learning Solutions

Our complication management courses offer flexible learning solutions tailored to your schedule, allowing you to learn at your own pace without compromising on the depth or quality of instruction.

5. Global Network and Supportive Community

Join a global network of practitioners in complication management, fostering collaboration and shared learning experiences across diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives.

Complications Management Online Course

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What You Will Learn

Online Complications Course – Learning Objectives:

1) Statistics:
– UK audits (Save Face/BCAM) on an increased number of aesthetic complications in recent years
– Treatment-related complaints & concluded outcomes
– The global increase in Legal claims (no-win, no fee)
– Complication facts and figures

2) Toxin-related complications:
– Immediate/Early/Late
– Pain/Redness/Swelling/Hypersensitivity
– Treatment-specific issues: Asymmetry/Overtreatment/Undertreatment
– Correctable vs Uncorrectable complications: Mephisto lines/Ptosis (Brow vs Lid)/Resistance

3) Filler-related complications:
– Immediate/Early/Late
– Less serious issues: Pain/Redness/Swelling/Migration/
– More serious issues: Vascular Occlusion/Tissue necrosis/Blindness (Lazzeri Protocol)/Biofilm, Abscess & Granuloma formation
– Immediate vs Delayed onset hypersensitivity
– Longlasting poorly-responsive issues: Malar Oedema, Tyndall Effect & Skin discoloration (PIHP, Persistent Erythema & Neovascularization)
– What to pack in your Emergency kit

4) Complaint Handling & Litigation:
– Treatment-related, Data breach & Threatening complaints
– Front-of-house vs Escalated complaint management
– Legal claims: Medical Negligence, Data Protection & Regulatory Bodies
– Sanction Conditions, Suspensions, Register removal & Appeals

5) Practical Demonstrations:
– Asymmetrical patients lips
– Anaphylactic reaction to hyalase or dermal fillers
– Treatment of acute vascular occlusion

6) Complications, Complaints & Litigation in Aesthetic Medicine

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