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Combined Package (2 days + Certification)

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The 2-day combined injectables and dermal fillers training course is our most popular option for new practitioners getting started in aesthetics. It is our foundation course and advanced course booked in together – saving you 10% on the usual booking price! Over the 2 days you will learn all 19 common aesthetic treatments and get to practice the treatments all afternoon on live cosmetic models.

Prior to the commencement of the 2-day combined injectables and dermal fillers course, your learning journey will kick off with comprehensive pre-course reading materials. These resources are meticulously designed to equip you with all the essential information needed to proficiently administer these treatments. Additionally, they will serve as valuable revision materials for your future practice.

Throughout the 2-day combined injectables and dermal fillers course, each day will commence with a series of engaging lectures. These sessions will cover crucial topics including anatomy, complications, consultation techniques, business development, and more. By the conclusion of the morning session, you will have acquired comprehensive theoretical knowledge essential for commencing injections.

The afternoon sessions of our course will operate like a clinic. Here, under the expert guidance of our highly skilled and experienced aesthetic trainers, participants will have the invaluable opportunity to observe and treat live models. You will be split up into groups of 4 or less, ensuring ample injecting experience and maximum retention of knowledge. This hands-on approach fosters confidence and prepares you effectively for your new aesthetic career. These practical sessions complement the morning lectures, providing a holistic learning experience in our 2-day combined injectables and dermal fillers course.

For extra injecting experience, participants can consider booking the Confident Injector Package. This package includes the All-Day Injecting Course, Complications management course, and Dr Amrit’s Business Booster. This supplementary option offers enhanced practical exposure and equips you with the essential business knowledge to kickstart your aesthetic career with confidence.

Highlights of 2- day combined injectables and dermal fillers course

✓Mastery of 19 procedures: This encompasses 14 anti-wrinkle injectables and 5 dermal fillers treatments commonly offered in cosmetic clinics, ensuring comprehensive skill development.

✓Expanded treatment portfolio for clients: By mastering a diverse array of procedures across both days, you can cater to the evolving demands of informed patients seeking combination treatments.

✓Enhanced employability in clinic settings: The Combined Package sets you apart as an advanced practitioner, offering a competitive edge over those with only foundation training.

✓Abundant practical experience with live cosmetic models: Each course guarantees a minimum of half a day dedicated to practical work on live models, facilitating hands-on learning and ample exposure to real-world scenarios.

✓CPD accreditation: Completion of the Combined Course with Derma Medical accrues 16 CPD points, demonstrating ongoing professional development and commitment to excellence.

✓Aesthetic Injector Certification: Graduates of the Combined Course attain DM Certified Aesthetic Injector status, marking a significant milestone in their career advancement.

Why choose Derma Medical?

1. Comprehensive Training with the Combined Package

Our Combined Package offers comprehensive training, ensuring practitioners receive thorough instruction in both injectables and dermal fillers for advanced aesthetic procedures.

2. Explore Diverse Treatment Techniques

Delve into a wide array of treatment techniques across injectables and dermal fillers, designed to equip practitioners with versatile skills for addressing various aesthetic concerns.

3. Trusted Experts in Combined Aesthetic Training

As trusted experts in combined aesthetic training, we bring extensive experience to our Combined Package, providing practitioners with the knowledge and expertise to perform advanced procedures with confidence.

4. Proven Success with the Combined Package

Benefit from our proven success with the Combined Package, as numerous practitioners have gained advanced skills and achieved exceptional results in their aesthetic practices.

5. Tailored Learning for Enhanced Proficiency

Our Combined Package offers tailored learning experiences, ensuring practitioners develop proficiency in both injectables and dermal fillers through hands-on training and expert guidance.

6. Community Support and Collaboration

Join a supportive community of practitioners who have chosen the Combined Package, fostering collaboration and shared learning experiences across diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives.

Combined Package (2 days + Certification)

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What You Will Learn in Combined Package (2 days + Certification)

1-Day Foundation Course – Learning Objectives:

  • Today’s cosmetic industry and the shift towards non-surgical cosmetics
  • How the face ages, and what we can do about it!
  • The Initial Consultation:
    – Client expectations
    – Facial mapping
    – Developing of your ‘Aesthetic Eye’
  • Everything you need to know about Injectables:
    – Treatable areas
    – Indications
    – Contraindications
    – Storage and reconstitution
    – Dosages and injection techniques
  • Everything you need to know about Dermal Fillers:
    – Treatable areas
    – Indications
    – Contraindications
    – Volume restoration
    – Injection techniques
  • How to combine Injectables and Filler to achieve the desired look
  • Complications and how to deal with them
  • Live model hands-on Injectables training to:
    – Frown lines
    – Forehead lines
    – Crows feet
  • Live model hands-on Dermal Filler training to:
    – Lip Fillers (enhancement & shaping)
    – Nasolabial folds
    – Marionette lines
  • Business & employment implications
    – Setting-up clinics
    – Working for a company
    – Price structuring
    – Marketing
    – Insurance & Medical malpractice
    – Consent forms
  • Foundation Injectables and Dermal Fillers Certification and course aftercare

1-Day Advanced Course – Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to advanced techniques
  • New treatments, New Products and the importance of keeping up-to-date
  • The Initial Consultation:
    – Client expectations
    – Facial mapping
    – Developing of your ‘Aesthetic Eye’
  • Learn the different injection techniques
    – Linear threading
    – Cross-hatching
    – Feathering
    – Fanning
  • Advanced Dermal Filler techniques – live hands-on training:
    – Cheek formation/ contouring
    – Cheek volumisation
    – Hand filler rejuvenation
  • Advanced aesthetics techniques – live hands-on training:
    – ‘Turkey neck’ (Nefertiti lift & Platysmal bands)
    – Jawline definition/ slimming & the wide-set jaw
    – Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • Advanced aesthetics techniques – landmarks:
    – ‘Bunny lines’
    – ‘Gummy smiles’
    – ‘Smokers lines’
    – Downturned mouths
    – Dimpled/’Pebbled’ Chins
  • Complications and how to deal with them
  • Advanced Injectables and Dermal Fillers Certification and course aftercare

FAQ About Combined Package (2 days + Certification)

Our combined Injectables and dermal fillers training courses are open to the following medical professionals;

Dental Hygienists
Dental Therapists

We run our combined Injectables and dermal filler training courses across the UK. In London our courses run nearly every weekend in Marble Arch. There are also courses every 4-6 weeks in BirminghamManchester and Edinburgh.

Our UK based Injectables and dermal filler training courses are open to registered doctorsdentistsnursesmidwivespharmacistsdental therapists/ hygienists and paramedics from around the world. we regularly train international delegates.

Before booking your Derma Medical course, it would be worth checking what would be required in your country to practice injectables. Every country will have differing own rules and regulations regarding aesthetic medicine.

Our cosmetic indemnity insurance covers you to inject on the day of your training course. Upon completion of your course, we strongly recommend you take out your own cosmetic indemnity insurance. Our cosmetic training courses are accredited by the UK’s two leading aesthetic insurers, Cosmetic Insure and Hamilton Fraser. You will receive certificates upon graduation allowing you to gain insurance. There are also exclusive discounts available for Derma Medical delegates.

We provide all cosmetic models for our training courses. We have 30+ live cosmetic models on every Combined Injectables & Dermal Fillers training weekend to make sure you get lots of hands-on practice on real-life patients.

If you have any friends or family interested in being a cosmetic model for our training days they can get heavily discounted treatments for the purposes of teaching. Please visit our models website for more information and to book any treatments.

You can see up to date information on available course dates on our course booking page.

We use PayPal as our own website payment gateway and can accept payments from your PayPal account or all major debit and credit card (including American Express). You do not need a PayPal account to book online and they will not ask you to set one up as part of the payment process – it is just a secure way of paying online and protecting all your sensitive card details.

If you prefer, you can pay by debit or credit card over the phone by telephoning us on 020 3873 7610. We can also accept bank transfer payments.  Please email us at for more details.