Our one day PDO rejuvenation threads training course is designed for aesthetic doctors, dentists and nurses looking to incorporate new advanced non-surgical procedures into their practice. This course is an introduction to PDO threads and focuses on understanding the principles behind collagen stimulation and how to incorporate PDO threads for anti-ageing alongside other treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. We provide comprehensive training on anatomical knowledge and hands-on practice using live cosmetic models using Intraline PDO threads.

Both our rejuvenation thread and PDO cog thread training can be booked together as our PDO thread training package for £2,300 + VAT, saving you 10% overall!

Please note that if the thread lift procedure (i.e. involving the insertion of threads) is carried out by a healthcare professional, it falls within the Care Quality Commission (CQC) scope of registration, requiring the premises to register with CQC for the regulated activity of surgical procedures.

PDO Rejuvenation Threads - Before & Afters 1
PDO Rejuvenation Threads - Before & Afters 2
£1,100 + VAT
Course Length
1 Day
09:00 – 17:00
PDO Foundation
8 Hours

Book the PDO Rejuvenation Thread Course Seperately or as Part of a Package

Our PDO Rejuvenation Thread Lift training course can be booked individually or as part of one of the following packages. Each training course day can be booked consecutively or spread out to your preference. All packages include a 10% discount against the normal booking price when bought separately.

Recent Reviews From Our Training Courses

1 Day PDO Rejuvenation Thread Lift Training – Learning Objectives:

1) All about PDO threads

– A history of threads in the medical and aesthetic market
– What is Polydioxanone (PDO)?
– Polydioxanone Mode of Action (MoA)
– Anatomy & Physiology of the Skin
– The human ageing process
– Patient Selection
– Pre-Treatment
– Complications and Management
– Benefits – Practitioner and patient
– Intraline PDO Thread Whitepapers
– Types of Intraline PDO Threads
– Patient Consent

2) PDO Thread Treatment areas

– Nasolabial Folds & Cheek Lift
– Jawline & Angle
– Submental & Double Chin
– Neck Lines & Neck Tightening
– Eyebrow Lifting
– Barcode / Smokers Lines | Lip Shaping
– Crow’s Feet/Periorbital Lines
– Infraorbital Lines

3) Interactive PDO Thread Demonstration

– Demonstration of PDO Thread techniques on the lower face (jawline, submental, lips, cheeks)

4) Hands on practice

– One model to 2 delegate ratio guaranteed
– Design of model treatment plan
– Full face anaesthesia with epinephrine for no/low pain and bruising
– Lower face treatments

Under supervision, delegates demonstrate procedures on their model
– Nasolabial Folds & Cheek Lift
– Jawline & Angle
– Submental & Double Chin

5) Post-treatment care plan

6) Complications