Treat yourself to a new pair of plumped and kissable this Valentine’s Day with Derma Medical.

For one day only, we have reduced the price of all of our lip filler cosmetic model treatments from the normal price of £150, to just £100 for 1ml! This is valid for all UK venues and dates.

We offer lip filler treatment in London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh in the UK and all availability is live on our website, so please do feel welcome to browse and choose a date that works best for you.

Lip filler is arguably the most popular dermal filler treatment, not only with Derma Medical, but across the industry, and not just for younger clients, but also for those who have lost volume in their lips with age. Did you know that you lose 50% of your lip volume by age 50?

Full and symmetrical lips are a universally agreed timeless symbol of youth. Many different techniques can be used to create bespoke results for the individual. A simple, 30-minute appointment is all it takes to completely transform the face and restore the lost volume or add volume that was never there in the first place.

Whether you are looking to even out the shape of your lips, enhance your cupid’s bow, simply add volume, or turn up the corners of your mouth, we can help. Some people love a very full and pouty look, whereas others are perhaps looking for something a little more natural looking. We aim to please and will listen to what you would like to achieve during your appointment.

There is no down time and results will last between 8 and 12 months. EMLA numbing cream can be used to minimise any discomfort. Results from this treatment are immediate and will settle to their final shape up to 10 days later.

As a cosmetic model you will be treated by our medical professional delegates who are training in this treatment. They will be closely supervised the whole time by our expert trainer who will show them exactly where to inject, how much product, and which technique to use. You will be in very safe hands throughout your treatment and you’ll be given aftercare advice as you would from a clinic. We also use the same high-quality products for models as we would for our private patients in our clinic on Harley Street. Please do click here to read more about being a cosmetic model.

This discount is available on new bookings only and will end at midnight tonight so please do book fast to avoid missing out!

If you would like more information about booking as a cosmetic model, please visit our website here, or email us at models@dermamedical.co.uk, or call us on 020 3873 7620.