Dr Roxanna Pirhadi

Dr Roxana Pirhadi is an accomplished aesthetic practitioner who was tutored by the celebrity and international cosmetic doctor, Dr Zack Ally.

Dr Roxanna Pirhadi is a doctor in pharmacy and an independent prescriber with a number of postgraduate qualifications including formulation and clinical pharmacy. Thus, in addition to her aesthetic practice, she is a Senior Lecturer, teaching pharmacology to postgraduate students, engaging in research and publishing on menopause issues. All this provides a unique and robust backdrop to her burgeoning aesthetic practice.

She approaches her aesthetic work with a passion and a belief in the importance of respecting each individual client’s anatomy in order to achieve natural-looking results. Rooted in the old adage that “less is often more”, she believes that in most cases a conservative treatment approach is the best way to achieve her signature “untouched” and “refreshed” look. Her emphasis is on long term prevention of ageing, paying careful attention to volume replacement, facial lifting and contouring, and skin rejuvenation.

When Roxanna is not working in academic, research or aesthetic sectors, she feeds her passion for art. Roxanna is an artist, and oil painting is her passion. Her spark for drawing and painting began early in her life and developed gradually over the years. She began a journey to what has become a lifelong commitment to art when the feel of oil paint ignited her love affair with the medium.

Roxann’s passion for oil painting, endowing her with an artistic eye for improving facial aesthetics. She is passionate about making people feel better by empowering their inner confidence and allowing them to see their unique beauty.

Roxanna is a part-time clinical co-ordinator for Derma Medical. She combines her experience and positive attitude to ensure that all our delegates and models have the best training experience every time. Roxanna also works as a designated medical prescriber for non-prescriber aesthetic practitioners.