Dr Rafael Ekmejian

Dr Rafael Ekmejian is an internationally trained cosmetic physician based in Sydney. Since graduating from medical school, Dr Rafael has solely focused on the fields of cosmetic medicine and surgery. He completed board-certification training with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine where he scored the top-mark in his cohort in their examinations. Dr Rafael has a passion for art, and uses his spare time to sculpt, paint and design. He brings this artistic and considered approach to his work in cosmetic medicine.

In addition to his cosmetic injectable training, he is also proficient in liposuction, hair transplantation and thread lifting.

Dr Rafael has been published in numerous surgical journals in topics such as head and neck cancers, trauma and orthopaedic surgery. He has chaired a surgical conference and was the founder of the Society of Medical Innovation at UNSW, a collaborative society for engineering and medical students dedicated to solving medical problems.