Dr Melanie Castelhano

Melanie’s special interest in cosmetic dentistry techniques and facial aesthetics procedures has led her to incorporate a dentofacial harmonisation outlook when working with patients. Having originally trained in facial aesthetics on Harley St, Melanie has continuously attended further training with top market brands such as Allergan, Teoxane, Wigmore Medical and Sinclair Pharma to expand her knowledge within the field of facial rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement procedures.

Melanie has been providing anti-wrinkle and facial treatments since 2014 in private practices throughout Central and West End London and most recently in Portugal. The area of non-surgical injectable treatments is quickly evolving and she regularly attends conferences and seminars for the latest techniques, products, procedures and trends.

She is passionate about all aspects of cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics which has led to her global view on dento facial harmonisation which includes profile balancing using a combination of advanced techniques in facial sculpting in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

Melanie prefers a gradual approach to treatments, enhancing features incrementally, whilst educating her patients along the way. This allows for safe and natural results. Many popular celebrity looks may not be ideal for everyone and this is something she discusses thoroughly with each patient in order to understand not only the patients desired results but to also explain options and outcomes.

Dr Castelhano is excited to work alongside Derma Medical representing them in Portugal and England as a trainer for doctors and dentists in the latest non-surgical cosmetic enhancement techniques.