Dr Jonathan Betteridge

Dr Jonny Betteridge of JB Aesthetics is a full-time NHS Medical Doctor and Aesthetic Clinician. He graduated from Norwich Medical School in 2018 and started out in facial aesthetics soon after this. Having completed his foundation and advanced training with Derma Medical and Dr Bob Khanna Training Institute, he performs an array of advanced facial aesthetic treatments. His particular area of expertise include tear trough rejuvenation and non-surgical rhinoplasty. In his specialty training he has worked in a variety of settings including acute medicine, A&E, intensive care and anaesthetics. He plans to continue on his medical career to be an anaesthetist.

Besides his job as a medical doctor, he has a keen interest in beauty and design. What most appeals to him about facial aesthetics is the ability to combine medical skills and creative flair to create an individual’s desired result. It is then the patient’s satisfaction that they get from this result that only furthers his passion to learn more about the industry and further his aesthetic skill set.