Dr Darclee Bottez is an established Pathology Consultant and Aesthetic Doctor with more than six years of experience In the field of Aesthetic Medicine.
She has a passion for facial contouring and for tailoring her treatments to the needs of the individual client; using a holistic approach to restore what time has taken away.
Holding a BSc in medicine from Romania’s Carol Davila University of Medicine  and a MSc in nutrition from Kings College London and a BSc in architecture, Darclée uniquely combines aesthetic medicine with artistry to create incredible results for her clients weather through injectables or through IV supplement therapy from her own clinic Darclee Aesthetic.
Dr Bottez is training since 2020. She is passionate about engaging our delegates in all aspects of aesthetic injectable practice guiding them through the learning process to ensure they leave the training with all the skills they need to begin a successful career in Aesthetics.