Andriana Samrou

In 2012 Andriana started a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Western Greece whilst enrolled on a one-year scholarship in Finland and the Czech Republic where she studied and had practical training and specialization in the surgical sector.

During her nursing degree, Andriana worked part-time in a production team based in Oslo, Norway as an assistant manager. She has also worked in the public health care sector as a surgical nurse at one of the biggest cosmetical plastic surgery clinics in Greece. Furthermore, she has been working as an HR nurse for a multinational company based in France and Athens, Greece.

Regarding her academic studies, Andriana has published and conducted research regarding the integrative health based on the health care system in Europe, bipolar disorder and field research regarding the opinions of the nursing community and the treatment that the war refugees (of 2016) had at the public hospitals and health care system in Greece. Andriana is now studying for her master’s degree at Kristianstad University in Sweden and is working as a neurological nurse in Stockholm, Sweden.