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Botox & Dermal Fillers Training Courses for


Fill in your details now for a complimentary assessment. Discover how Botox training for dentists can reshape your dental career, whether you're considering full or part-time opportunities in the Medical Aesthetic industry.

Aesthetic Courses, Dermal Fillers and Botox Training for Dentists

If you’re a dedicated dentist navigating the challenges of the healthcare sector, we understand your journey and aim to be your guiding light towards transformation. Dreaming of a career with valued skills, sociable hours, and reflective income? Our Dermal Filler and Botox training for dentists offer the transformative path you seek.

Welcome to Derma medical, where we specialize in empowering dentists through our comprehensive Dermal Filler and Botox training courses. We understand the challenges dentists face today, which is why our passion lies in offering comprehensive Botox and Dermal fillers courses for dentists, unlocking opportunities and rewards. Our Botox courses for dentists provide a thorough understanding of product selection and dosing, ensuring maximum treatment efficacy while minimizing risks.

At Derma Medical we understand that dentists work on high profitability per hour so we provide bespoke solutions to help dentists achieve success without compromising their present income potential.

Our mission is to help dental professionals across the UK achieve many of the things they are missing in their current job roles.

If you want to work in an environment where you are properly rewarded for your skills, efforts and knowledge, we believe the Medical Aesthetics industry is the best opportunity for any UK dentist.

Why Dentists Should Train in Facial Aesthetics

At Derma Medical, we have trained many dentists in this field wanting to create the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Here are the top 6 benefits reported by dentists who have trained with us and are now working in this industry:

Benefits of Botox Training for Dentists

1) Grow your income potential with Dermal Fillers courses for dentists

Embracing aesthetic practice not only promises higher earnings compared to NHS roles but also enables dentists to diversify their revenue streams effortlessly. By investing in Dermal Fillers courses and Botox training for dentists, practitioners gain the expertise needed to administer sought-after cosmetic injectables, thereby expanding their service offerings and attracting a broader clientele. With minimal time commitment, dentists can tap into the world of aesthetics, positioning themselves for financial prosperity and professional advancement in facial aesthetics.


2) Gain new clinical skills with aesthetics courses for dentists

Dentists naturally possess skills that are perfect for aesthetics. With their steady hands and understanding of the body, dentists can do a great job giving cosmetic injections and Dermal Fillers. Taking aesthetics courses for dentists helps them learn new skills and techniques, improving patient care and keeping them up-to-date in the field.


3) Increase business in established clinics by getting Botox training for dentists

Adding facial aesthetics to an existing dental clinic can draw in new clients and enhance business. Dentists can use their current list of patients and schedule cosmetic injections alongside regular dental appointments, increasing profits and keeping patients happy. This smart strategy helps dentists grow their practice and offer more services to their patients, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Booming industry currently $4.4billion and growing
45% increase in use of Injectables® and Dermal Fillers in the last year
Huge shift towards Nonsurgical vs Surgical
Minimally invasive, Non-permanent, Low-risk and quite often reversible
Learn all 18 common treatments in a single weekend
Do not need to be a Specialist or a consultant

4) Better Quality of Life with Botox courses for dentists

Experience a better work-life balance and more control over your career through aesthetic dentistry. Dentists find themselves enjoying flexible schedules, more sociable hours, and higher job satisfaction in comparison to traditional NHS positions. With botox courses for dentists, practitioners can tailor their practice to suit their lifestyle preferences while expanding their skill set and offering valuable services to their patients. This shift towards aesthetic dentistry not only enhances professional fulfillment but also enriches personal well-being, fostering a more balanced and rewarding lifestyle for dentists seeking greater autonomy in their careers.


5) Keeping Options Open in dermal fillers courses for dentists 

This aesthetic training not only broadens professional horizons but also provides dentists with the flexibility to engage in private aesthetic work alongside their current roles. By taking botox courses for dentists, practitioners gain the skills to explore opportunities and potentially establish their own cosmetic practices. This versatility allows dentists to keep their career options open, providing a pathway to financial independence and the chance to shape their professional journey according to their aspirations.


6) Adapting to Shifting Trends with the best Botox training for dentists 

You can become the master of your own destiny by offering sought-after treatments once limited to NHS settings. Our comprehensive botox training equips dentists with the expertise to meet evolving patient demands and navigate shifting trends in cosmetic procedures. By enrolling in dermal fillers courses for dentists, you transform into the solution patients have been seeking, eliminating the need to refer them elsewhere. With botox and dermal filler training, you take control of your professional journey, sculpting your destiny in the ever-evolving landscape of facial aesthetics.

Getting Started as a Cosmetic Dentist

Our 2 day combined course teaches you all 18 common Injectables and Dermal Filler treatments allowing you to start practicing immediately. After this initial weekend you can further your training with our Masterclasses or Level 7 Certificate in Cosmetic Injectables.

You will receive training certificates allowing you to get cosmetic indemnity insurance with either of the 2 leading insurers – Hamilton Fraser and Cosmetic Insure. Both recognise our course and are able to offer cover to Doctors trained by us.

As a prescribing doctor you can practice independently. F1 doctors who cannot yet prescribe can buddy up with local prescriber or use a prescriber service and are still able to train and administer Injectables and Dermal Fillers.

Aesthetic Doctors are highly sort after by cosmetic clinics and you will find many part and full time job opportunities available. We will give you an exclusive list of job opportunities on the course to help you find work straight after training.

Many doctors dream of opening their own clinic. We will give you lots of business and marketing advice on the course so that you can turn the dream into a reality. Our Team of Doctors have years of experience running their own Harley Street clinics and can offer you invaluable advice in getting started.

Injectables & Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Doctors

As the Medical Aesthetics industry continues to grow year on year, demand for high quality aesthetic treatments administered by highly skilled medical professionals is crucial if we are to ensure the highest standards in medical cosmetics are met. At Derma Medical, our Injectables & Dermal Fillers Training Courses for Doctors will teach you the latest advanced medical aesthetic techniques, allowing you to gain immediate employment or set up your own clinic.

If you would like to discuss how a single weekend invested in training with Derma Medical could transform your current circumstances and help you enjoy Greater Wealth, Job Satisfaction and a Better Work/Life balance we would love the opportunity to show you.


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