Cosmetic Model Video Shoot

Cosmetic Models Needed for Video Shoot. We are looking for live models to take part in a video shoot this July for our new e-Learning videos.

Dr Zack Ally will be showcasing each of our popular model treatments whilst being filmed. These videos will then be used on the Derma Medical training portal as a further tool to aid delegates that have already completed our practical training days.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved in a video shoot and to be treated by Dr Zack Ally at our London training academy. We are looking for 1 live model for each treatment and all appointments are on a first come first serve basis. Models are limited to booking 1 treatment each.

We require the following models;


Monday 2nd July 2018

10:30 Lip Filler (1ml) – BOOKED

11:30 Nasolabial Line Filler (1ml) – BOOKED

12:30 Marionette Line Filler (1ml) – BOOKED

14:00 Forehead, Frown Line & Crows Feet Botox – £200

15:00 Nose Filler – £180


Tuesday 3rd July 2018

10:30 Jawline Filler (2ml) – £300

11:30 Chin Filler (2ml) – £300

12:30 Tear Trough Filler – BOOKED

14:00 Hand Filler – £130


All models will be asked to submit photographs in advance so we can assess your suitability for the treatment. As a live cosmetic model for any of these treatments, you agree to Derma Medical videoing your treatment and using the videos on our eLearning portal and promoting these videos through our website and social media pages.

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