Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty NSR Masterclass (1 Day)

With the huge surge in the non-surgical rhinoplasty demand, many practitioners are still apprehensive about treating this area of the face. With little hands-on training within the industry, this course is designed to equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively treat Noses giving their patients industry-leading results. Pioneering techniques will be [...]

Non-surgical Buttock Lift Masterclass (1 Day)

Our 1-day Lanluma buttock training course will equip you with the knowledge and skill to carry out one of the most desired body procedures: buttock augmentations and reshaping. Online reading materials will be provided in advance of the course so that on the day, this will simply be re-enforced, enabling us to focus more on [...]

Complications, Complaints & Litigation in Aesthetic Medicine (1 Day)

UK and global statistics have shown a swift increase in the number of Cosmetic injectable treatments being performed worldwide. Alongside this, there has been a significant increase in the number of treatment-related complications and associated legal claims for medical negligence. Our bespoke Aesthetic complications course is designed to equip both new and experienced practitioners with [...]

Master Aesthetic Practitioner Package (5 Days)

The 5 day Master Aesthetic Practitioner package is perfect for existing practitioners looking to stand out from the competition. The package includes our popular dermal filler and PDO Thread masterclasses. By booking all these courses together you are saving over 10% on the usual booking price! Included in this Package Facial Contouring Masterclass (1 Day) [...]

Cosmetic Cannula Masterclass (1 Day)

The Cosmetic Cannula Masterclass is a course designed around the fundamentals of anatomy and cosmetic cannula use. This masterclass is one of its kind and covers advanced facial contouring procedures using only the microcannula technique, not covered elsewhere. Pioneering techniques will be taught covering in-depth anatomy and theory followed by plenty of hands-on practical training [...]

Artistic Facial Transformation (1 Day)

This super masterclass training course is perfect for those wanting to further expand their foundation, advanced and masterclass training and learn brand new cutting-edge full facial transformations. Increasing demands for nonsurgical procedures have led to new innovative cosmetic treatments in combination to create certain facial concepts for male, female and older face types. This masterclass [...]

PDO COG Thread Lift Training (1 Day)

Our one day PDO cog thread lift training course is perfect for aesthetic practitioners looking further their training in PDO threads and master the art of the non-surgical facelift. The “No Blade Facelift” is the new trend made popular by numerous celebrities recently and it is an excellent and effective non-surgical technique to lift and [...]

Masterclass Expert Training (3 Days)

The 4-day Masterclass Expert programme is perfect for those wanting to take their facial aesthetics training to the next level and learn cutting-edge treatments and full facial transformations taught by our expert trainers.  It is our advanced masterclass in facial contouring,  cosmetic cannula masterclass, and our artistic facial transformation training courses booked together – saving [...]

Complete Cosmetic Clinician Package (4 Days)

The 4 day Complete Cosmetic Clinician package is perfect for new practitioners that are serious about furthering their career in aesthetic medicine and standing out from the competition. The package includes our Foundation Course, Advanced Course, Lip Filler Masterclass and Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring. By booking all these courses together you are saving 10% on the usual booking price!  You will [...]

Lip Filler /Augmentation Masterclass (1 Day)

Lip filler treatments are both a science and an art. Being one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the industry, the demand for lip fillers has risen exponentially within the last few years and continues to do so. The Lip Filler Masterclass Course teaches you all you need to know. This course has been [...]