Face Lift

Bath bubbles and scented candles will simply not do. For a certain type of woman who has everything – including very generous family and friends – cosmetic procedures could make the ideal Christmas gift.

According to According to the ABC, more and more women are opting for surgical procedures as Christmas presents, with Botox®, tummy tucks and breast enhancements topping some Santa’s lists this year.

Tina Franklin, from Orange County, California, says that she has put Botox® on her wish-list because she wants to start 2016 feeling ‘fresh.’

Ms Franklin is not alone. The news show reports that the area’s local cosmetic surgeons are doing a busy trade at this time of the year, coping with the Holiday season boom in procedures.

To cope with this demand…some have even gone as far as buying injectables and syringes online and doing it themselves. At Derma Medical and Derma Models we urge people to resist the temptation to enter dangerous practices and buy unlicensed equipment over the Internet. These procedures aren’t without risk and small errors can have detrimental outcomes. Make sure you visit a reputable clinic when considering such treatments and ensure you’re fully informed of all possible risks and benefits before rushing in.