Structural Rejuvenation by Dr Zack Ally

There are 2 broad ways to classify cosmetic injectables: those that rejuvenate and those that are structural. Combining the 2 is the basis of my Structural Rejuvenation package. Here, the aim is to tackle multiple facial compartments using various densities and injection techniques. This 4 stage process of Lifting, Anchoring, Scaffolding and Creating have the [...]

Signature Masculinisation by Dr Zack Ally

Globally, there has been more emphasis on defining female beauty, however, trends are shifting and more men are seeking customisable options to enhance their appearance. This trend will continue to grow as awareness rises. It can be very easy to feminise a male face. To get this right, an injector needs to really understand bizygomatic:bigonial:menton [...]

Full Face Nonsurgical Transformations by Dr Zack Ally

Take a look at our throwback to some of the best full face nonsurgical transformations performed by our CEO and Medical Director Dr Zack Ally. We're looking forward to teaching and treating people again around the globe once we are able. Are you interested in achieving results like this? Medical professionals can learn how with our Artistic Facial [...]